UK Meteor Observation Network

United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network

UKMON cameras map over UK

Map of all 18 permanently set up UKMON stations covering United Kingdom skies.

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Ash Vale, Surrey, 3 Cameras

First UKMON camera operational from April 2012. Second camera became operational in April 2013. Third in July 2014

Church Crookham, Hampshire , 1 camera

Second UKMON camera that started recording in August 2012

Hampshire Astronomy Group, Clanfield, Hampshire, 2 cameras

Hampshire Astronomy Group joined UKMON with two cameras in August 2012.

Scotch Street, N. Ireland, 2 cameras

Steve H. joined UKMON with two cameras in Northern Ireland in July 2013

Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth, Devon, 2 cameras

S.P.A.M. Group joined UKMON in May 2013 with two cameras.

Wilcot, Newbury, 4 cameras

Richard F. and Newbury Astronomical Society has joined UKMON with his two cameras in July 2013.

Cardiff, 2 cameras

Martin C. and Cardiff Astronomical Society has joined UKMON recently with two cameras

Exeter, Devon, 1x cameras

John M. has joined UKMON with one camera in Exeter

Scarborough & Ryedale

Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society is joining UKMON with one camera soon.

Barry L.

Is joining UKMON network with two cameras soon.

Chris C.

Has joined UKMON with one camera in Horley.


Stations in the UKMON network

To date camera counts in the UKMON network:

Location No. Cameras Camera name Date of joining Operator
Ash Vale, Surrey 3 Ash Vale 1
Ash Vale 2
Ash Vale 3
03/ 2012 Individual
Church Crookham, Hampshire 1 (+1) Church Crookham 08/2012 Individual
Clanfield, Hampshire 2 Clanfield North
Clanfield South
08/2012 Hampshire AG
NLO, Sidmouth, Dorset 2 N.Lockyer 1
N.Lockyer 2
05/2013 S.P.A.M. Group
Scotch St, Northern Ireland 2 Scotch St. C1
Scotch St. C2
10/2013 Individual
Wilcot, Newbury 4 Wilcot NW
Wilcot SW
Wilcot W
Wilcot S
08/2013 Individual, Newbury Astronomical Society
Cardiff 2 Cardiff E
Cardiff W
12/2013 Cardiff Astronomical Society
Exeter 1 Exeter 1 06/2014 Individual
Horley [Gatwick] 1 Gatwick 1 8/2014 Individual

And the network is growing ... Join us!